selbstverständlich menschlich – DER PREIS

an award to honor activities of young people that welcome and support refugees

“Tow seventeen-year-old women organized a bake sale at their local high school. With the raised money they went shopping together with a group of refugees to get the desperately needed clothes.”

That is a wonderful idea and a great example! selbstverständlich menschlich – DER PREIS wants to recognize and honor such activities and voluntary engagement of young people in Saxony and therefore offers 40 rewards at 500 Euro per activity.

Maybe you organized a guided tour through your hometown or initiated a meeting place in your neighborhood. Maybe you assisted someone with translating documents or you accompanied them when talking to officials. Maybe you and your friends organized a sports or musical event together with refugees. Maybe you helped handing out food or clothes at an accommodation for asylum seekers near your home.

No matter what your activity was – if you are a group of young people between 12 and 27 years and you have organized an activity that welcomes and supports refugees, asylum seekers or migrants in Saxony – please apply until November 10th 2015 via our online form below.

You may as well propose activities of people you know.

We are sorry but we no longer can take applications.